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At CGI Pocket Consultants we care about empowering the business owners we work with to make sustainable enhancements that make a difference. We are a coach and trainer helping a business owner get better results and sometimes we are a matchmaker finding an investor, a distributor or just better results. We help all companies and non profit organisations grow and master change.

CGI Pocket Consultants utilizes a global network of consultants, technical or professional experts and service partners in the. Sharing knowledge and accessing markets to building the right strategies essential for gaining results.

CGI Pocket provides management consultancy, business development, market research, technology solutions,professional training, and access to capital.

TheCGI Pocket dedicated team helps you develop your business plan and strategy, analyse your customers, shape your brand, create marketing solutions that are powerful and improve your business systems.

Small companies have the opportunity that only large multinational companies had in the past. We give small business owners the ability to access global growth opportunities. Our experienced management consultants analyse, in accordance with CGI Pocket blueprints, market opportunities,business processes and align the client business strategy to facilitate goods, services, ideas and capital enhancements.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We would like to get to know you and your business. Tell us how we can be of business.  Send us an email or call us for a free consultation:

 Ten Top Business Coaching Tips

Principles & Values

Professionalism & Attitude:
Our staff are professional and respectful at all times. They share their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the client. You can expect cooperative teamwork and integrity is essential parts of our corporate culture.
Desirip achieve results that last. We create sustainable performance with all recommended  improvements. These are measurable, well communicated and implemented in the clients corporate strategy. The goal is to optimise the bottom line for economic, social and environmental performance. We look at the total life cycle of the product, business, the clients employees and want to reduce the impact on the environment.

Our consulting approach is collaborative and focuses on solutions designed for each unique client need. The recommendations will fit with the clients management and organisation structure, business model and corporate culture.
Mutual Learning: 
CGI Pocket is a learning organization. We work constantly to improve our organizational structure and policies. We invest heavily in our team and continuously improve how we do business. Our clients learn from us and we continually learn from our clients.
Press Releases
Press Releases form a significant part of the news and business media getting informed on new market initiatives that business owners are embarking on. A good example of a company making full use of this is Retail Express, leading Australian POS Systems and Point of Sales Software provider. They run regular and informative press releases to take full advantage of the re-syndication that occurs. This has a two fold benefit of brand awareness and bringing their product range to the attention of prospective customers. Both achieved at minimal cost.
CGI Pocket uses and encourages press releases be used to the significant benefit of our clients. Promoting new marking activities our clients are embarking on by releasing press releases to the news media syndicators who in turn republish them.
If you would like to take advantage of our press release submission service, please email or call us for a free consultation and service price list.

 Tips For Branding Your Company

Why never to use common nouns  in your brand name

The most important business decision you’ll ever make is what you name your company and product — how you name your brand.

When I got started in Internet marketing, people would kill for domain names like cars(dot)com, garden(dot)com, gifts(dot)com.

But these are actually some of the worst domains you could possibly try to brand.

Consider that the top search engine is not searchengine(dot)com but Google(dot)com

The biggest online bookstore isn’t books(dot)com but Amazon(dot)com

The most popular job listings site isn’t jobs(dot)com but Monster(dot)com

Sydney’s leading credit repair company is not CreditRepair(dot)com but CreditRepairClinic(dot)

The top travel booking site isn’t travel(dot)com but Expedia(dot)com and the list goes on and on.


History shows the marketplace is not kind to brands with common names.

But why? And what kind of name should you pick?


In Internet Brands Justin Quick will show you why your PRODUCT name is your most valuable asset and how to protect it against your competition. Before I tell you how to get your copy of Internet Brands here are:


8 tips to name your Internet brand

1) Make it short

This is especially important for online brands. One key element of a short name is that it’s easy to spell.

One way to do this is by taking the name of your product category and shortening it into one word.

The website for “computer networks” became CNET(dot)com.

A “flu therapy” product is TheraFlu.

A top brand of “vanilla wafers” is called Nilla.

The top “gelatin” dessert is Jell-O.

Chiro Northern Beaches Sydney is Chiro NBS

2) It should be simply constructed

Let me show you what I mean with two examples.

Coca-Cola is eight letters but only uses four letters.

A company named Datsun was having branding trouble, so they changed their name to Nissan.

Nissan has six letters but use only four.

3) It should suggest your category

Take a word people familiar with your category will understand and then take ownership of it.

Like “Netflix” for Internet movies.

Tummy Tucks Clinic for Plastic Surgery

Dux College for HSC Tutoring

4) It should be unique and memorable

Who would have ever thought that the top job listing site would be called Monster(dot)com?

5) It helps to be alliterative

You may never have noticed how many brand names use alliteration, but consider:

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Roof Repair Quoters

Dirt Devil

Weight Watchers

Home Smoke Alarms

Pest Control Sydney

6) It needs to be speakable

This too is very important for Internet brands.

A teenager doesn’t need to know how to spell Abercrombie & Fitch because she knows where

the store is in the mall. But if a prospect hears your name and goes to her keyboard, how does

she know you meant: 123greetings(dot)com?

7) Make it shocking

Shocking in a way that you can lock the shock to a benefit like:

DieHard auto batteries

FUBU fashion apparel

And Amazon, which started as “Earth’s biggest bookstore.”

8) Personalize the name

Some of the most valuable brands are named after people:

Officer Removals

Papa Johns

Dell computers

Tesla cars

Now, obviously, these are tips and not rules. And if you’d like a lot more strategies andtactics to instantly strengthen your brand and it’s hold on your market, then consider trying out Internet Brands by Justin Quick.


There’s a whole lot more in Internet Brands, it’s a $100 value, and you can have it instantly

at no charge if you try it’s companion course called Legendary Labels.


Frankly, by creating what is perceived to be a new category of product, you create all the credentials

you need to have instant “run-away” success in the marketplace.


That’s why in his new course, Legendary Labels, Justin shows you how to create new categories you

can take ownership of, and what makes for the right credentials, and how to use them to make your benefits carry much more weight.


Legendary Labels: 

The proven strategies that defined, developed, and expressed the world’s best brands


Why? Because Internet marketers in particular have been taught a lot about marketing and advertising, but what do you know about branding?

What is branding?

What is the biggest branding mistake and why do most companies make this mistake?

Is it better to be first, second, third?

If you are not first, what’s the best strategy?

In Legendary Labels, you’re going to see exactly what you need to know to define, develop, and

express your brand’s message.

Why do certain brands become icons while others fade away into oblivion?

You’ll find out in Legendary Labels:

The danger and insured destruction of any kind of  “swiss army knife” product

-Why you should never “build” a brand and what you should be doing instead

– Why your brand needs an enemy and how to establish that enemy

– Why your brand needs three names to be a success

– The best branding strategy when you’re faced with a sea of similar  products with  similar prices

– How to create the high-end, ultra expensive brand

– Best practices to make your brand seem like it was the first,  the leader, the pioneer,

or the original

– Why not to “fight” with competitors but what to fight instead.

– The benefits of having a brand war

– How Johnson & Johnson’s BABY shampoo became the #1 selling ADULT shampoo

– How to name your brand (the most important branding decision 

you’ll ever make)

– The easiest way to destroy your brand

– Should you use the company name in or as the brand name?

– How sub-branding destroys the whole company

– How to control a market for years with a family of brands

– The dangers of generic names as brand names (the fastest route to brand failure)

– The #1 way to strengthen any brand instantly

– The crucial ingredient to be seen as authentic

– The best color for your brand. How to pick it

Is your market filled with “me too” products that make very similar claims?

Then it’s time to start branding.

Branding pulls your product out of the endless parade of meaningless 

benefits like:

– tastes great

– whitens teeth

– saves money

– lighter, faster, cheaper

You get the point.

If you want your brand name to carry more weight, to turn your private label into a legendary

one, then check out Legendary Labels for one year risk free.

Quality isn’t as important as you think (does a Rolex keep better time than a Timex)?

Put the power of branding to work for you and you just might end up owning a word or two that

ends up being worth billions — it can happen fast and almost always happens for the new brand by the newcomer entrepreneur (think Dell versus IBM).


Act now and Justin will DOUBLE your order: If you get Legendary Labels today

you also get Internet Brands, so let me tell you about it:

Inside your copy of Internet Brands you’ll get tips and ideas to instantly strengthen your brand and

its hold on your market.

Internet Brands is a $100 value, it’s yours free today and it’s the only place you’ll learn:

How to follow the lead of companies like Amazon,  Dell, and Zappos, all of which were started by single entrepreneurs, not Fortune 500 corporations.

People don’t search for advertising, but I’ll tell you the four things people do search for, and if you fill your website with these, you won’t need to depend on advertising.

 Why not to dawdle. People expect you to say your brand is better. Nobody cares if you try harder (Avis isn’t #2 anymore). Find out why never to  benchmark yourself against your competitor

Amazon was not the first online book store. So what one thing did Amazon do right that no other online bookstore did?

How to avoid the price game. The masses see the Internet as the medium to find the “best deal” which often means “lowest price.” He’ll show you  how to get out of that game and enter the high end of the market!


Desirip acknowledge the generous support of Your Mates Sydney Removals and their associate company  Removalist Boxes for assisting with delegates and corporates presenting at our recent Sydney, Australia conference. The generous sponsorship by Fx Brokers USGFX is also acknowledged.

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